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We design and build fully equipped makerspaces that incubate hardware and deep-tech startups.

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One platform to manage R&D and startup-oriented makerspaces, hackerspaces, and fablabs online.

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An online community where entrepreneurs, startups, accelerators, government, colleges from around the world build tomorrow.

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Scalable ecosystem for hard tech startups and small businesses, enabling convergence of startups, SMEs, business angels, venture capital investors (VCs), donors and grant programs and development agencies
in a single community ecosystem,

— all to take advantage of our seamless ecosystem solution.
We help the next generation of world-changing companies

to emerge, grow and produce tangible 'spillover effect'.

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What does MakeIT Center offer?

Startup Ecosystem Consultancy

  1. Conceptual planning of a new innovation Hub
  2. Equipment selection
  3. Floor planning
  4. Partnerships development
  5. Grant program design
  6. Financial modelling
  7. Training programs development
  8. Acceleration program development
  9. Marketing strategy development
  10. Staff training
  11. Detailed tutorials development

Global Online Community

  • Private and public community groups
  • Job postings
  • Crowdsourcing and documentation sharing

Management Software Platform

  • Equipment Tutorials
  • Hub/Center access software
  • Online equipment booking platform
  • Components and materials inventory management
  • Kanban procurement system
  • Grant management and automated reporting software
  • Equipment billing and invoicing software
  • Startup traction and monthly reporting
  • AI-powered tools tracking
  • Community self-management with 'karma' points
  • Startup's spending management

Robust, scalable, and startup-oriented ecosystem solutions that cover all your needs and beyond.

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